>We Rock!


Today we had the owner’s brother out with his real tractor to break ground, just like people have been doing for hundreds of years, except for the fossil fuel-burning diesel engine. The brother was quite concerned about all the stones but it was pretty much what we were expecting. Every other chunk of land we’ve gotten down and dirty on has had everything from gravel to 100 lb boulders. We spent about 2 hours today picking them out and moving them to a single pile, which we hope will harbour slug-eating snakes.

We’ve come a long way from our fancy-shmancy university-attendin’, button-pushin’, color-wheel flippin’, email-sendin’ days. Well, ok, we’re still in our email-sendin’ days. But today was just hard grunty work unlike what we’ve become used to. And there’s more to do tomorrow! And, I’m guessing, every day after that. But for now we’ve begun building a monument to commemorate this new lifestyle.


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