>Day Four and Day 50

>We enjoyed a fossil fuel fiesta today as Ron’s 50HP Massey Ferguson rotovated the bejeesus out of a half acre of gravelly soil. The odd person probably knows how long it would have taken to scythe all the orchard grass and use a team of oxen to plow that much ground but suffice it to say that it would have taken quite a while and, by the way, those oxen would have needed a fair bit of acreage for their solar-based fuel. All to say that this transition to a lower energy lifestyle burns a lot of gas. So, muchas gracias to all you long dead dinosaurs who were converted to entropy today. Your sacrifice did not go unnoticed.

Unlike the sacrifices of some recent dinosaurs who, in the last 75 or so years, have taken it upon themselves to feed the backyard soil with batteries, plastic, glass, styrofoam, steel, golf balls, leather … junk shots only BP could love, on Day 50 of the current poster-child disaster of our waning industrialization.

Many thanks go out to our friend and soon-to-be next door neighbour Paul who lent a hand picking stones after every pass of the rotovator and who drove the BCS in dump cart mode with poise and determination. Between the 4 of us (Pauline and Mary, too), our rock pile equates to 500lb per year of post-secondary education. Being such smartypantses, we’re shooting for 600.

BTW, highlight of the day? Riding down Rainbow Road to Windsor Plywood with the BCS/dump cart. (Not shown: slack jaw, corn cob pipe, drawl)


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