>The buck stops here

>We had another ungulate intrusion Sunday night. The foliage on more Yukon golds, this time at the other end, were sampled. Probably more tomato flowers. All of the edamame. And I didn’t mention the hot peppers. Completely defoliated. All in all, though, still not catastrophic but I’m not the type to wait for the (otherwise) inevitable.

Dad and I picked up 3 rolls of stucco wire at Windsor on Monday. After raising the existing plastic fence a couple of feet so that it now rises up about the T-posts a foot before flopping down, we cable tied the stucco wire at ground level. Using un-reinforced T-posts means that we couldn’t stretch the wire. Given the uneven terrain, it is impossible to turn corners and adjust to changing elevation without some wrinkles, either at the ground or at the top. So, even now, a deer could conceivably push its way underneath the fence (Dad doesn’t think so). To err on the side of caution, we used some heavy duty garden stakes to further pin down a few sections that were particularly suspect. And on the worst one I saw, I weaved a 10′ length of electrical metal tubing through the bottom holes.

So far so good. Some tracks on the outside of the fence now and no new ones inside. It’s too early to declare victory but I have allowed myself some optimism on this one.


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