Now this is good land


Today we returned to our second borrowed plot to do a little weeding.  Actually, we brought our never-before-used Glaser wheel hoe for a trial run.  Nice tool.  You just push it along a weedy pathway and let the stirrup blade behind the wheel glide almost effortlessly an inch below the soil surface, cutting young weeds before they have a chance to become a problem.



Wonderful rich, fluffy soil in a very picturesque and pastoral setting.  We started our impromptu crop plan here a couple of weeks ago by planting out pepper, melon, and allium plant starts and by direct-seeding a couple dozen other crops.


These are the Oregon State University Blue Tomatoes.  Recently their colour has changed from a steel grey to a hue of purple on top (still green on the bottom).  They may very well be our first tomato to ripen and it would be very sweet if they would do so soon, since no one else at last Tuesday’s market had any to sell yet.


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