Hurry up, ya *&^%ing tomatoes!

It’s probably heresy to say this but…I really don’t care for the Saturday market.  At least selling there.  It’s a long day, vendors seem stressed out and even the customers don’t seem 100% happy.  It’s just so busy and so much seems to be on the line, financially speaking.  I might think differently if/when we have a large surplus of veggies to sell.  Until then, we found that tourists didn’t buy a ton of plant starts and we had little else to sell.  This is in contrast to the Tuesday market (pictured) which is less than half the time commitment, is frequented by locals and just has a more casual, happy vibe.

The tomatoes are almost ready to harvest although probably not before Tuesday’s market, at least not in great quantities.  There’s a section of the tunnel that has multiple plants in a row that have multiple trusses of multiple fruits.  When they’re ready for harvest, they should come off in large quantities which is nice because they fetch much higher prices than beafsteaks.

Whatever work plan I had this morning was shot to smithereens when Pauline told me of a hot tip on cheap hay.  A local farmer (brother of the owner of the property we’re farming, it turns out) had a haying faux pas which made his product unsuitable for feed.  We secured Duncan’s truck and filled it and Dad’s Caravan with 49 bales, all at half the already low, low price (compared to the local gardening store).  We spread it out over the winter squash plot and the swampy area not covered by the big high-tunnel.  The plan is to have the hay smother any wannabe weeds while simultaneously increasing soil organic matter with this nitrogen-loaded feedstock.  After the tomatoes. peppers etc are out of the tunnel, I’ll rototill, possibly seed a cover crop of fall rye and hope it comes through a layer of hay.  And, on the recommendation of this and other farmers, I might get a load of sand to lighten up that bottomland soil for next planting season.  Yikes, maybe I should stop planning so far ahead when there’s so much present to deal with.

Can you see the wittle fwoggy?


One response to “Hurry up, ya *&^%ing tomatoes!

  1. I found the frog! I’m always amazed at the incredible sounds those tiny things can make.

    We’re impatiently waiting for tomatoes here, too.

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