CFF Agronomics: Continuing This Fall!!

Yes, that’s right. This fall/winter I intend to write a series of posts on how I hope to actually make money in this occupation by drawing on our experiences and education. Some of you may recall two related posts from last year, here and here. So far I have 6 new topics in mind:

The Bottom Line 2011, in which I convert any money we made this year into a dollar/hour figure. This figure will be really low – I already know that – but that’s ok because it will be so much easier to improve upon it 😉 And, like the yield on Greek debt UPDATE: or Italian debt, it will hopefully follow an exponential curve, to infinity and beyond, in coming years.

Eliminating the duds, in which I try to count all the crops we grew this year and all the plant starts we produced, and then discuss how cutting that number down by about 80% will simplify the whole operation and should allow me to do a higher volume of fewer crops. I will try to analyze each crop in terms of its market potential and my personal growing experience with it among other factors.

Marketing, in which I discuss how I intend to spend less time selling more produce. This will have implications for the farm stand, my participation in the Growing Up Organic program, the Tuesday and Saturday markets and local chefs and grocers where local might take on a broader meaning next year.

Extra-curricular activities, in which I continue on the theme of the last two posts and discuss how further reducing time commitments on other low dollar volume activities like some of our value-added products will allow me to work at a higher hourly rate on core activities.

Getting the Jump, in which I discuss how having produce to sell early in the season is crucial to overall financial success. Summer sales at the outdoor markets are so far superior to the fall markets that being in the game early not only means higher sales per market but more weeks to sell product in.

Finally, a post on Competitive Advantage, in which I discuss the maximizing the strengths and minimizing the weaknesses Chorus Frog Farm has in relation to other farmers, both local and distant.


2 responses to “CFF Agronomics: Continuing This Fall!!

  1. Ienjoyed hearing your thoughts for next year. I think you are asking the right questions.Sorry about the Greek bond issue. With thoughts to Marketing.. you have done very well in getting the word out about you.MOSTLY BECAUSE OF good product..both starts and veggies.
    My husband wanted to know if I was going to stop taking pictures of the cabbage i gotSaturday. He call s me Baldric

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Sue. I have to say that the Baldric reference has stumped me. Blackadder?

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