Water World

It’s gotten a little wet recently.  The beer-brewing tub I left outside a couple of months ago looks like it’s got 6 or 7 inches in it, most of which just appeared in the last two weeks.  The result is a return to that familiar swampy look in the Rainbow Road bottom lands.  The seasonal creek now has large shallow puddles and a few visible currents.

When it’s raining hard, the new ditch on the low side of the tunnel has significant currents mostly because we diverted an existing stream at the tunnel’s high end into the low side ditch. Meanwhile, the ditch on the tunnel’s high side just has a few trickles.

Inside the high tunnel, so far there is no evidence of groundwater coming up from below; that really was the point of this summer’s drainage exercise. But the rainy season is long so I’m not counting my chickens yet.

In the fall, I made raised beds for the garlic, knowing that they were in a particularly low area, possibly lying above a spring. After our recent rains, the top of the water in the walkways were close to the actual garlic seed level (which averages 4” below the soil surface), even though the tops of the beds are at least 12” above the bottom of the walkways in between beds. That was not good. The garlic has undoubtedly sent out roots which were now starting to suffocate.

So the garlic beds received an urgent intervention recently. I called in an apprentice hydrological engineer (daughter Laura) to tell me where to trench. She, with mattock, and me, with small shovel were able to lower standing water levels by 3-4”. It’s probably good enough for the season but I’ll be ready to dig some more if required.  In any case, it’s a good way to warm up 😉

And, once that’s done, I see my new plot at Dan’s also has a low spot or two.  The fun never ends!


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  1. These posts are very interesting. Thank you.

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