Automatic Chicken Door

Automatic chicken door set up on an otherwise rough-looking chicken coop.

I thought that as long as I’m selling these things, that I may as well sell them.  So far, it’s just been word of mouth but, hey, a little advertising couldn’t hurt.

Local Salt Spring Islander and proprietor of Mt Maxwell Roasters, John Gossett, turned me on to these units after he bought and installed a few of them for his daughter’s various chicken coops.  He said they were bomb proof.  We thought it would be a great investment since we would then not have to be home or rush home at dusk 365 days a year.  And the flock would be let out first thing in the morning rather than being cooped up while we slept in.

The brains of the system is contained in a weather-proof plastic box and contains 4 AA batteries that powers some circuitry and a small motor that spools a length of string in and out, depending on the ambient light conditions it senses.  The end of the string attaches to the door which, in the simplest of many different possible configurations, raises and lowers it.

The optional aluminum door kit is very strong and light and allows the batteries to last their longest.  Installation consists of fastening 4 screws.  Add another 8 screws for the magic box and you’ve gotten your freedom back in the time it takes to check your favorite blogs.

You can order these openers yourself at Wells Poultry in the UK (they’re made in Germany and sold there in Euros but, when I bought them, the total cost was lower in the UK) .  But note that after shipping and GST and other bogus import fees, it’s cheapest to get it from me, since I buy in volume.  $165 for the opener; $200 for the opener and the door kit.  Batteries and tax included.  If you’re not picking it up on Salt Spring and only want the opener, add $15 for Canada Post regular parcel shipping to Canadian destinations only.  If you also want the door, it’s probably just as cheap to get it direct from the UK.


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