There’s no day like a snow day!

Well, I couldn’t get my tunnel building supplies delivered up the mountain today so I can’t continue working.  On the other hand, I can’t work today 🙂   Snow Day!

The middle school teacher can’t make it in so the middle school daughter gets to frolick at home.  Happily, there’s a winter attraction right outside the door.

But the spouse and the high school daughter both made it into town, thanks to the tire chains that came with my new farm ride (a ’94 minivan with way too much mileage).   34 years in Canadian cities known for their winters and I never had winter tires, let alone snow chains.  They are sweet indeed, even if I’m still not sure that they’re on quite right.  I even got all the way up Toynbee Road to give a friend a lift to work. 

The chickens are also taking a snow day, it seems, only venturing outside the coop to eat.  Hopefully they’ll take this opportunity to lay some eggs.   Meanwhile, the tunnels on Rainbow are laughing at the minimal dry snow we’ve gotten so far…but are worried about further accumulations of 10cm followed by rain.


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