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Agriwebinar - The Smart Farm, How Social Media and Smartphones are Helping Farms

The field on Toynbee is too wet to work on and there’s nothing but rain in the forecast.  Good time to sit at the computer.  An agriwebinar is not only an excellent three-word portmanteau.   It’s a great way to get smart and keep dry at the same time. Basically, a dude or dudette yammers away in the top left corner while you watch a flash slideshow. Meanwhile, you can type in comments or ask questions which the presenter can answer in real time. If you miss the live version, you can still watch a playback.

I participated in the one pictured above which inspired my blog post Socializing the Frog.  Coincidentally, our household recently acquired a smart phone.  So, you never know.  We might just be able to tweet the availability of snap peas instead of lugging out our roadside stand.  Sweet.

I hope to learn all the mistakes I’m making when I tune on to an Introductory to Season Extension – Hoop Houses.

From the Farm Management Council :

It [an agriwebinar] is a web-based conference bringing the expertise of today’s agricultural leaders that will inform and inspire you from the comfort of your home or office. No travel, no cost, no reason to miss out! Agriwebinar® is free and anyone can participate as long as they have a computer and an Internet connection. Even computers connected by a dial-up service can participate.

We have liftoff


Our cool-weather seedlings have been happy as clams since their seeds were deposited into moist organic potting mix and placed upon the heated germinator a week and a half ago.  Peas, lettuce, parsley, kale, spinach etc are all coming up nicely.  One small ceramic heater – set on low –  in the cavity below the table seems to be doing the trick.  With the sun out a bit this past week, I’ve had to provide ventilation since the temps inside the tunnel started exceeding 25C.  The forecast calls for -3C on the weekend so we’ll see how low it will go on the seedbed, not that there will be any grave consequences with these particular plants.  But it will be good to know for when we seed some of the tomatoes and peppers, possibly next week.