Socializing the Frog


This is what I do in the off-season when I’m not able to build infrastructure; produce Internet marketing bling like this QR code.  If I had a smart phone, I’d be able to check to see whether scanning it actually directed the user to our *new* domain of (which redirects to this URL).  I’m thinking of displaying this code at our farm gate stand and at the downtown markets.  I might preface the graphic with something like What happens when an air traffic controller and a decorator quit their jobs and move to Salt Spring?  See our story at

Pauline and I have produced a two-sided info card that we will try to get into some local hotels, B&B’s and complementary businesses.  Your comments are welcome (we haven’t printed any yet).

I (@Farmerod) also have a Twitter account for some reason.  It is at this point that one can definitively say … Twitter is no longer cool.


One response to “Socializing the Frog

  1. 2 sided, your pt of view and Pauline’s pt of view!

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