That was the windiest day I’ve seen out the front window in our 1 year on Salt Spring Way.  Nice day to not be out canoeing in the harbour.  The power was out to much of the island (so I’m told) but, after 6 hours, we got ours back.

Pauline checked on the transplant tunnel on Rainbow yesterday morning and the hi/lo thermometer said 2C.  Rainbow Road obviously lost its power since the germinator heater was off.  With any luck, we will not have suffered any damage to our young tomato or pepper seedlings that germinated very recently.  The power did come back on – probably before ours,  since it’s closer to town – which Pauline confirmed yesterday evening.

Add spring power failures to the list of things that can impede one’s success in this business.  I may never forget planting out tomatoes for a friend in his tunnel 3 years ago, perhaps a day after St. Patrick’s.  The day after that, killing frost.  Ray had to start over.  The most memorable part though was what he said when I asked him what he was going to do: “I’ll seed some more”, delivered with a sh*t happens shrug.

Water off a duck.   And salsa for everyone.


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