39 Celsius…with snow pellets

Yeah, so aside from the hyperbole, it did get up to 39C today – inside the tunnel – at high noon before we could get there to open it up.  Then, mid-afternoon, a 15-minute snow-pellet storm, the umpteenth of the year.  May as well move back to Ottawa.  Er, except that Ottawa has Florida’s weather these days…

Moving right along.

Happily, the tunnels themselves allow us to remain productive despite the weather: Pauline with the plant starts and me with tilling in a bunch of Phosphorus (in the form of pelleted guano, of which endangered Chilean bat I do not know but it was the only type of organic P I could buy at the time) and a smidgen of Potassium (which I’m sure is completely sustainable).

Anyway, how ’bout them peas?

And now for today’s (Monday’s) weather. What’s the number after umpteen?


6 responses to “39 Celsius…with snow pellets

  1. BTW, when I checked Ottawa’s forecast yesterday just for fun and saw a high of 24C, I thought, wow, that’s really warm for March. It turns out that the average high temp for today is 4C with the previous high, recorded in 2010, as 16C.

    Normally, above normal temperatures in the winter leads to lower heating fuel prices (on commodity markets). But these temperatures are so high that they may actually trigger unexpected air conditioning load (which is significantly powered by nat gas and coal-fired electricity generation).

    Not that climate change is occurring or that we’re in any way responsible. Or that there may be some very unpredictable consequences. Just making the observation. For fun.

  2. If it’s any consolation, manufacturing is down big-time, so there’s excess generation capacity and the coal plants are quiet. But still. Oh, and the humidity is at a very lovely level so no a/c, but this week of perfect weather is disturbing all the same.

  3. I am much in awe of your tunnel.

  4. Wait until you see the triplets…

    Oh, and yay to Ontario going down the tubes. At least we in BC have China to create mining jobs. The side benefit is that it gets rid of some of those pesky mountains and rivers.

  5. The triplets are the three 28X100 tunnels I’m building on farm #2 at “Dan’s place on Toynbee”.

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