Bean planting…

I’ve been planting out my climbing and bush beans recently. The number of each suggests that this is an experimental crop. I’m trying to have fresh beans in May (probably late, if at all) IF they don’t die of frost inhalation first. Our low-lying area has been flirting with frost for several days but, so far, the beans still look ok. I started 100 or so of each of 4 varieties in trays of starter mix and waited until they were a few inches tall before setting them out. A bean seed sown directly would rot before sprouting with our damp 10C soil temperature. Whether they grow much in soil so cold is unknown (to me). In any case, they’re slated for removal when the peppers need to go in. I may pot some peppers to gallons just to give the beans more time to produce. The climbing beans are planted in clumps of 7 or 8 in the hope that thick columns of vines will form on the orange strings. I planted single plants last year at the base of a few strings as a test and they did climb but the production was normal, but sparse.


3 responses to “Bean planting…

  1. Good luck. I tried it last year in April and didn’t have great sucess. They seemed to struggle until May. However it was a bad year last year. I am trying again this year but not so early.

  2. Well, I can verify that they’re just sitting there right now, in limbo. Are you the Patrick I know in Central Saanich with the gazillions of berries?

  3. When did you eventually get beans?

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