Insurance Policy

This whole getting-the-jump strategy is a bit of work. I’ve potted up 400+ tomato plants to 2″ cell-packs. Since they do not fit in the propagation tunnel, they sit here in the big tunnel until I plant them (some near where they currently reside, most up at Dan’s). Meanwhile, frost threatens on a nightly basis. What to do? Well, first, they’re in a tunnel so they’re protected from wind plus the warmer-than-outside soil radiates a bit of heat at night. Second, I’ve installed a reemay-covered low tunnel inside the high tunnel. This helps to keep that minimal heat from escaping. Third, not shown, I’ve also been laying a partial width of polyethylene over top the reemay (not sure if that’s doing anything). Fourth, for the zucchinis, I put inverted ice cream pails over top. Finally, and most importantly, I found another small heater to put underneath the low tunnel. Set at 6C, it should prevent a catastrophe without costing much to use.


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