Overflowing Overflow

Our 14'X40' propogation tunnel was full of plant starts weeks ago so we've been off-loading a number of them to the big tunnel. Well, that one's nearly full now, too. I don't know how many tomato plants we have right now. There are the ones to sell at the farm stand, the ones to plant out in the new tunnels at Dan's place and the ones to plant out in the big tunnel they're currently in - when there's room. There are so many tomatoes that we've had to create sections for each application plus alphabetize the 30+ varieties we have for sale on the stand. Of course, we also have climbing and bush peas and beans and salad greens growing in the ground plus some strawberries growing in pails. Oh yes, I've got a dozen or so zucchini plants in 3 gallon pots that have started to bud. Laura's bike and market cart are also being garaged in this tunnel. Do I need to build more tunnels this winter?


3 responses to “Overflowing Overflow

  1. I am anticipating some great summer salsa already! I’m still thinking Salt Spring might be ready for it’s first mobile taco cart. Can we modify Laura’s current rig and maybe outfit it with some palm fronds and a mariachi band?

  2. Paul, another EXCELLENT idea. We’ll work on it in our spare time.

  3. I have about 10 sad looking tomato starts that I am neglecting as usual – I think I will be paying you another visit to get some more starts from the pros!

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