Just the facts

I’m a terrible blogger.  Or a busy farmer type.  No post in a long time.  Sorry, dear reader.  Pictures next time.

These are some of the things going on:

The Calgary Cavalry has arrived to visit and help out.  Mom is doing the meal prep, leaving Dad and me to go out gallivanting in various high tunnels.  Despite the late date, still not everything is planted.  The unseasonably cool temps (ahem…AGAIN) mean that plants fare better in pots anyway.  Despite that, all the cucumbers, peppers, eggplant and most of the melons are now in the ground.  The Cranberry Valley (or the Toynbee Valley as I usually call it) still gets <5C over night but the copious use of reemay – insidepoly tunnels – seems to be helping.   We still have to direct seed amaranth, soybeans, and fresh pink beans, all of which will be for seed sales. 

Over on Rainbow, the Portuguese Red garlic is harvested and drying.  About a third of it is pre-sold to Bruce and will be delivered greenish on Tuesday.  90% of the winter squash is planted with a hay mulch in place.  I just need to get the tiller back from Toynbee to finish preparing the rest of the space needed to put in the final 10%.  The strawberries are there, being harvested, but they’re just not that sweet due to the lack of regular sunshine and heat.  But it’s coming.  26C and sun in the forecast by Sunday!

In the propagation tunnel, plant starts are coming to an end.  Just the winter brassicas to pot up and a couple more successions of lettuces and kales to fix up prior to sale.  This tunnel gets really hot when it’s sunny and above 20C outside so I will be keeping hot peppers and melons in pots here (although we need more potting soil first).

Over in the big Rainbow tunnel, the cherry tomatoes look great but none of the fruit show signs of ripening yet, another sign of lack of light.  The snow and snap peas are >9′ tall and yellowing.  They’re ready to make way for some overflow potted melons from the propagation tunnel.  Hopefully the pea trellis will be able to hold the weight of small melons.  The peppers, as usual, are struggling in the heavy, cool soil.  I don’t expect them to really take off until we actually get temperatures that are in the forecast.  The zucchinis are throwing some fruit but, again, not as much as I expect they will once the light comes.  It looks like a decent crop for next year, though, except that I will keep them in pots or grow bags instead of planting them in the ground.

Right, next year.  This year’s fresh produce crops are just getting going and we’re making firm plans for next year.  Just like last year.  Never a dull moment!


2 responses to “Just the facts

  1. yippee! another post!
    good 1 too!

  2. I hear you! I have become a terrible blogger when the season really went full swing. And weather is such a fickle part of this all. We are having an incredibly hot dry summer- we haven’t been able to reseed things like beets and carrots in the last 6 weeks because the temperatures are consistently in the 90-100s with no rain.

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