The Cabroccoliflowers are ready!

cauliThat’s right.  Summer yielding varieties of cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower are now ready for sale on the farm stand (and at the Saturday market).  All the late spring weather we’ve had recently has really helped our small plants become a little less small and lot more happy.  Not only do we have great varieties of each type available in 2″ pots for $2 but we have mixed packs of 6 plants for $6.

Also this week we have bulb fennel (which is great raw in salads or braised in stir fries) and, for the first time on our farm stand, 6 packs of celery in very limited supplies.  We also have a bronze leaf fennel available in 3.5″ pots.  You can use its leaves for seasoning a range of other meats and vegetables, its flowers for attracting pollinators and its seeds for brewing a licorice-flavoured tea.

In addition to the 6-packs of Albion strawberries for $8, we now also have individuals in 3.5″ pots for $2 or 3 for $5.  While the individuals are more expensive per plant than the 6-packs, they have larger, stronger crowns and will likely produce larger, more productive plants.

We should have more lettuce out in a couple of days after getting cleaned out of our small initial supply (poor germination of some varieties).  There will be fresh successions of snap, snow, shelling and sweet peas.

And, for people who have greenhouses and the ability to prevent possible freezing, we will have (dare I say it) tomatoes in a couple of weeks.  After vowing to reduce the number of varieties this year to a more manageable number, whoops, we did it again.  28 cherry, salad, paste and drying tomatoes to choose from.  You thought navigating the toothpaste aisle was hard?


One response to “The Cabroccoliflowers are ready!

  1. Hurray! I will come by for some broccoli plants!

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