Monthly Archives: May 2013

Have you SEEN the forecast?


After several days of below average temperatures (0.5C last night outside the greenhouse!), this next stretch of weather looks very summery.  In celebration, we are releasing basil starts and a few varieties of squash starts beginning tomorrow.  I wouldn’t rush into planting them out – they will be fine in their pots for a while still – but it is an option for those who have a warm location and a greenhouse.  Last year I harvested my first zucchini on June 5 after much effort and was rewarded by being sick of zucchini a whole month earlier in the summer than usual.

We now have all of our varieties of tomatoes on the stand but are starting to run low on purple tomatillos (which are huge), Black Prince, Black Krim and the Brandywines.  On the other hand, we have a very large supply of green tomatillos which are also huge and need to either be potted up or, for the brave, planted out.  Green tomatillos are reduced to $2 each or, with any $25 purchase, take one for free.

Our next succession of purple broccoli and purple cauliflower plants are now out and are going quickly.  We also have some new flowers including violas and calendula.

And have you ever tried celeriac?  Me neither but it’s out there and we should probably both give it a try, just to know.  Happy planting!