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…With a LOT of help from our friends

Things have been a little…er…busy the last few weeks. We’ve moved homes to a house in town with a great location and tried to keep up with a farm during its busiest plant start season while building 3 high tunnels and taking on international high school students. Today we hosted the rotating farm-friends ‘dig and dine’ and managed to plant some 800 tomatoes plus cover new high tunnel #2 in a bit of an untimely wind. Heartfelt thanks go to Lara, Eva, Cora, Molly, Zack, Colin, Sofya, Duncan, Emma, John, Dani and Youha. You got us back on track!


Thing of Beauty

One of the great pleasures of working on Dan’s land is seeing wildlife living its wild life. The raptors must get really good updrafts in the Toynbee valley – and perhaps an extra thermal push from the newly-covered tunnel – because one can almost always see Bald Eagles soaring (and hear their eaglets calling for more mice). As usual, a picture from this camera/photographer doesn’t do the scene justice. At one point yesterday there were 3 hawks and 2 eagles soaring right above me and, just prior to this photo, a very lucky swallow that managed to escape the pursuit of an eagle.