How we grow

Chorus Frog Farm is not certified organic and, until we own our own land, we will probably not begin the process.  However, we have worked on a certified organic farm and employ all of the prescribed practices of the Canadian Organic Regime to all of our vegetables and plant starts.

The preserves we have produced contain only organically-grown fruits and vegetables, either grown on our own farm or, for blackberries, harvested by us from public land.

We use cover crops to increase fertility and soil organic matter.    We also use rock phosphate and other OMRI-approved substances to increase fertility.

We plant beneficial garden flowers to attract pollinators and pest predators.  For pests that we cannot  otherwise control , we sometimes use OMRI-approved products.

We feed our chickens non-organic (but non-GMO) feed.  We also treat them to table scraps which are not always organic.  Our chicken pen is roughly 8400 square feet so the flock has ample area to range freely to eat organic grasses and bugs.  Our chicken coop has a light-sensitive automatic door which enables them to be outside at the crack of dawn and only closes after they have all found an indoor perch.