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We have liftoff


Our cool-weather seedlings have been happy as clams since their seeds were deposited into moist organic potting mix and placed upon the heated germinator a week and a half ago.  Peas, lettuce, parsley, kale, spinach etc are all coming up nicely.  One small ceramic heater – set on low –  in the cavity below the table seems to be doing the trick.  With the sun out a bit this past week, I’ve had to provide ventilation since the temps inside the tunnel started exceeding 25C.  The forecast calls for -3C on the weekend so we’ll see how low it will go on the seedbed, not that there will be any grave consequences with these particular plants.  But it will be good to know for when we seed some of the tomatoes and peppers, possibly next week.


Pipe reality


28' X 100' partially built high-tunnels I'm building in the Toynbee Valley. White arches are 1.25" PVC which are set upon .75" galvanized water pipe. 12' 2X4's are pinned to the top of the arches and screwed to sacrificial 2X4 posts in the ground and will provide structure for the forthcoming trellis. There will be three tunnels totalling about a fifth of an acre. Total cost will be a little more than $10k. So far, fewer than 30 hours invested.